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Happy New Year!!

It's 2017...Oh wow it worked...I have a blog now!!

Welcome to The Meek Developer blog, my name is Alexander Torres and I am Software Developer in Dallas Texas. I specialize in Asp.net, .NET Core, SQL/Entity Framework, and Angular. I hope to share my learning experiences by documenting my struggles, victories, and personal experiences working as a software developer.

Dark Matter Developer

I used to identify myself with what Scott Hanselman once described to be a "Dark Matter Developer". With the exception that I have always wanted to seek and learn the greatest and newest software stack, the "Shinny new Bling Bling", but never made any contributions to the software development community. I hope to change that this year by sharing my personal struggles with Angular and Asp.net Core. One of the many things I have learned these past couple of years is that being complacent deteriorates your desire to be better, your skills atrophy because instead of thinking and innovating, you are repeating the same process that makes you comfortable with the least amount of resistance, this nourishes a state of decline turning you in a stubborn and selfish monster. You become stale, you loose your passion, and the once dedicated motivated developer who used to have FUN and JOY working in code and solving real world problems....dies...

Thank you

During the Christmas break I came across a powerful, motivating, and uplifting YouTube channel called Simple Programmer.

John Sonmez has motivated me to start blogging, sharing my thoughts my ideas, loose the fear of being categorized a certain way and to accept failure, for in failure you find the recipes for success. I have started putting some of his advice to practice especially when it comes to my health, I am planting the seeds of tomorrow. I have much to learn, but I humbly accept the challenge. I am The Meek Developer. Let's do this!